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Make periodical backups of your important folders and files with Backup Maker
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Making backups is very important for any computer user, and even more if they manage large amounts of files or make significant changes in them. Thus, in the event of a computer crash, power or system failure, users can restore their files to the state they had before the problem. This free program allows you to program periodical data backups of your folders and files in an easy way. You only need to run the program and select the Backup option. A backup wizard will appear, guiding you step by step through all the process. First, you need to select the folders or files you want to backup. Then, you can choose the periodicity of the backups. The program allows you to make a backup from every 10 minutes to every month, so you can specify the most suitable interval. You can also choose between several types of backups, like all the files, only those that were changed in the period specified, and so on. Finally, you need to specify the output folder where the backups are to be stored. An optional step consist in giving a name to the backup. If a failure occurs, you can restore the last saved version of your files by clicking the "Restore" option in the main interface, and select the .zip file of the last backup performed. A very useful program, I think. There is a professional, non-free version available at the developer's site.

Victor Hernandez
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